Intuicio works!

Intuicio ScriptSince few days I fixing up Intuicio, and at the end – it’s work and it’s stable! :D I need now add support for the rest of engine, make some high-level language interpreter and then release it :)
Here is simple mini-game written in Intuicio: Intuicio Simple Console Game.

What is Intuicio: This is low-level language, assembly-like, originally to manage XenoN Core engine but I was an idea to make a virtual machine like .Net. Intuicio works on virtual machine and if you want to run the program it will must be compiled first, so Runtime Script Execution will won’t work, that Intuicio is excluded from scripting languages group.

GLSL in XenoN

Water Shader 2DSince yesterday, XenoN fully supports GLSL (using OpenGL version 2.0 or higher, which is standard for all of usualy graphic cards). Now it only can process vertex and fragment shaders, geometry shaders I will make in some time. I would add that so far the engine used only ARB shader assembler, which are not easy to learn, but also fulfill its responsibilities. Thus, it is time to rewrite all the ARB shaders to GLSL – it will be a lot of work, eh, :p On the picture you can see the water shader – a reflection of the sky, refraction, surface sun flashes, waves, all configurable. Soon I will put screenshots of new effects :)

The streamlined look of website

Lightbox 2 screenSeeking of plugin for wordpress which will allow me to display images in a window on site, I found the Lightbox 2 plugin, thanks to LionX Dagger ( user). Lightbox 2 doing it very well – it looks quite good and perfectly adapts to WordPress. I recommend it :D

Spore Game and my own game

A few days ago has once again started playing the great game: Spore. We take control on fate of the species created by us, from a phase of the cell, until the conquest of the galaxy, with a going toward the mysterious center of the galaxy protected by hostile Grox race.

During the play came to my mind the idea that maybe I can make a similar game. 3-4 years ago I created an evolution game system on “paper”. The whole system of progress and innovations tree, substances, technologies have been ready, so why not use the current version of the XenoN to create such a game? In addition, the strategy is a great challenge, and I love the challenges :D So today I began working on the game design. You can count on the fact that Evolution will come for sure – where does this certainty? because it is one of the three games which creating has become a major goal of my programming life ;)

New example

To Examples & Tutorials section trow fresh example for Game Maker 6.1: Anaglyph and Surfaces in 3D mode. Feel free to download and test.

Fresh start

Finally. Today site comes back to life, Ha! :D I’ve finished configuring a new site and I shall be posting the content.

As you can see the page is based on WordPress – Why? More than half a year ago I said: ‘My God, this page is already old and ugly! ” and I decided that it was time to change, and that I have big ambitions, I wanted to write my own page framework – you can see what is done – since more than half a year, at top of site there was an information: “Under construction” because I did not have at all times to create was because I was busy of working on the engine Xenon Core and a few other things – in total I had no time for anything other than work : / but I am counting on the fact that this will change soon :)

Ok, I’ll be back to update the site, expect the next entries! ;)